Relax And Release

Relax and Release

Oh the joy of entering “The Zone”. You know what I mean, that place where the real world fades away and all that is left is the creative voice in your head that is telling you your next move. It is like a symphony between your mind and your hands. You are moving in sync to the rhythm of the orchestra.

I call this place, R&R (Relax & Release). My body aches for this place when I have not visited in several days. It is the place where I am renewed and a place that restores my sense of balance and purpose. All is well here…

What do you do to enter the zone? Dance, paint, sing, cook, write… If you have never thought about “The Zone” in your life I invite you to recognize it, embrace it and visit it. You will be greatly rewarded by a renewed sense of self.

Art that touches the soul...

Art that touches the soul…

Artist: Margaret Warfield

Artist: Margaret Warfield


Seeing… Bones

Our bones give us form and structure. Without them we would resemble jelly fish. Not that there is anything wrong with jelly fish. How does the title, “Bones” relate to us as Artist? Since bones give us form and structure then we can ask the question: What gives our art the same qualities? First there is what I call the ground, the substance that we create on. Be it canvas, clay, fabric or beads. For this example let’s say that canvas is our bone, it is our foundation… It, the canvas, is used as our starting point to the beginning of what is to come.



Our blank surface/bone is white and daunting. We approach it with our apparition in mind and we begin, laying on paint, gesso, sometimes we add fabric and paper until we reach our desired vision. In essence we covered our bones with skin, muscles and blood. We made a living entity.

This entity speaks and moves us emotionally and spiritually because we, Artist, use our abilities to see beyond the bones.

Although, I used canvas as the example of bones, the same principle may be applied to most creative processes. Think on it… What are the bones of your creative process?



Often we, Artist, are asked, “Why do we do what we do?” Is it our passion, are we addicted to the creative process? Do we create because we are “Sentenced to a life of creating?”

Maybe it is all of the above, because the process of bringing our thoughts to life is what brings us alive. This escaping into our world allows us to delve into the: what ifs, the bazaar, the beautiful and the thought provoking world that art provides.  Art/Artist are often the catalyst that brings about change in our society, as we allow the,” sentence to a life of creating” to take hold of us.

I recently witnessed a prime example of allowing this “sentenced to a life of creating” to take hold during a performance of Alvin Ailey’s “Revelation”. It was breath taking. As I watched the fluid movement of the dancers I thought of the hours of practice that the dancers put into preparing to present their bodies as forms of art. Are they, “sentenced to a life of creating?”

Yes! Their dedication to dance was/is obvious. Because it was plain to see that the dancers allowed their art form to take hold of them.

The performance was awe inspiring, soul lifting and motivating! It caused me to re-dedicate my art form to the, “sentence of a life of creating.”

Title: In Sync

Title: In Sync

Seeing… Who are you?

So, we say we are Artist! What does that mean? Most people describe us as free styled, strange, off-beat and maybe out of touch with the real world. I say, “Thank you for the positive feed- back”. Although, I am sure that the comments are not meant as positive…

We, as Artist tend to see the world from a different prospective. The world sees a tree with green foliage. We view the same tree as a painting or sculpture. The tree is not green it is shades of green, yellow, red and maybe purple. Perhaps it presents itself, to an artist, as a dancer or the beginnings of a log cabin. Our creative minds have a way of envisioning the unseen.

Embrace the artist within. Hold close your unique self and make the world a better place with each leap into your world of self-expression.Image


All art begins in your mind. First you think it, and then you craft it. Sometimes, however the thought, when allowed to run wild, makes many changes before it reaches its final state. To me, this is the fun part and the most difficult part. Fun, if you let go and enjoy the journey of creating and difficult if you are not willing to accept the changes that develop as you create.
What challenges do you face when beginning a new project? How do you overcome them?
When I am “stuck” I often ignite my creative mind by returning to something familiar. For me, that’s painting pears. Yes, the fruit. Many years ago I discovered the beauty of pears, their sensual shapes and magnificent colors. So, when I am stuck I paint pears. I have been known, to shape pears on a ground as large as 30×40 and as small as 2×3.
Oh, the joy of escaping from the state of “stuck-ness” Is that a word? NO, but I am sure that you get what I am talking about.
Find your state of “unstuck-ness” and enjoy the journey.

Keeping the beat...

Title: Notes, Keeping the beat.