Food For Thought

And We Danced

And We Danced

When was the last time that you surrounded yourself with like-minded people? You know the group or person who enjoys the activities that ignite you. All too often, because creative people tend to be loners, preferring to spend time alone in their studios, we miss the all-important opportunities to draw upon the energies of our comrades.

I am not suggesting that you Tweet them or Facebook them. No, the physical act of a face to face gathering is what I have in mind. Share a meal, gallery hop, or go to a park, you decide. The activity is not important. It’s all about the re-connect and the sharing of energy.

The Challenge: Make a “play date” with someone who inspires you. On the date, visit a new location, take a walk in the park or…
You decide. Just enjoy the encounter.


Now And Then

Let’s start with “Then”. The past usually seems more exciting. It represents the time when all was well, new and the possibilities were endless. Remember, high school, enrolling in college, landing that first job or deciding to go it on your own/ your own business. Things were perfect, “Then”.
I remember my decision, to go for it, start my own business. Wow, I had boundless energy and I thought my head would explode with the influx of creative thoughts. Life was good. The excitement of being my own boss was great. Time passed and I quickly entered the “now”. I am not saying that the, “now” is not good but I find myself in a place that is not filled with the passionate exhilaration of the, “Then”.
I have settled into, the routine of running my business. I realize that I long for those passion filled days of, “Then”.

Recently, I realized that I was being controlled by my routine of doing business and that I must face the “Now.” I decided to face the, “Now”, head on and rekindle the, “Then” passion.

The, “Now”, process began by deciding to build a new website that echoes the new me. The site is filled with newly created images, handmade polymer clay jewelry, prints and note cards. Next, I determined to return to the easel and commit to my passion of painting, daily. Oh the joy. I admit that I love the smell of acrylic paint, its ability to cause me to escape into the world of possibilities. These two steps lead to realizing that I miss the camaraderie of fellow artists. This will be addressed in my next article, Food For Thought.

The challenge: re-discover the things that bring you joy. You already know what that is! Go for it… You will be glad that you did.

Margaret Warfield

In The Beginning

Where does the creative process start? Does it begin when you pick up your paint brush, a lump of clay, the initial tap of your feet on a hardwood floor or the swipe of your fingers on the guitar strings?


Do you remember the movie, “The Sixth Sense”? It is about a boy who communicates with spirits that don’t know they are dead. Yes this reference is, a little morbid. My point is, the creative people in our midst have the ability to see; which brings me to another movie, “Avatar”. Remember the line, I see you. The character was not only seeing the physical, but also characteristics that were not visible, using the sixth sense.


So, where does it all begin? I believe, the process begins long before the physical activity. The course of action often swirls though your thoughts for days even years before it tumbles out of you, ending on that blank canvas or in a grand dance routine. Sometimes, the vision attacks during conversations, watching a movie or while you are sleeping. Don’t ignore it. Embrace it. Nurse it. Wait on it. You never know when the beginning will arrive, just know that it will.Image


Can’t believe that I chose this title, “True Dat”… Does this mean that I am in a strange place this morning or am I searching for wisdom and truth as it relates to creativity? Maybe both statements apply to my current state of mind.

Wisdom sounds like a good place to start in our search for what is truth in art?

Sounds deep, “TRUE DAT”… Insight is evident in “a great piece of art”. You know it when you see it or create it. How? It stirs you/ the viewer emotionally, takes your breath away and fills you with a sense of awe. I cannot tell you how to generate wisdom in your art. I believe that these wisdom pieces come along seldom. They surface when you least expect them. These grand items do not limit themselves to the visual arts, they can also be found in dance, poetry, cooking and gardening.


Any facet of creation that comes from deep inside of you and taps into your God-given talents produce majestic and awe inspiring conceptions.



The quest to discover self is ever present and in danger. The risk occurs when we are not diligent, in our journey, and we allow the borders that people place around us to shape who we are. Your journey to discovering self should be one that encompasses your likes, desires and dreams.

 The poem below expresses my thoughts on the quest for, self. But before you read the poem, ask yourself, “Who am I”?

I Am

I am a dancer                                                             Image

With flowing garments

I move gracefully


 I am a musician

Hear the cadenced beat of the drums

The melody of the horn

The rhythm of the keys


I am a golden yellow sky

Lit by the glow of the sun

Topping majestic mountains

Clothed in the splendor of purple clouds and the noon day sun


I am yellow, red, blue and magenta

Pastel even white

I am a flower


I am an artist, mother, sister, brother and friend

I sculpt shapely vessels, flowing garments

Keys of rhythms

Yellow lit skies

And mountains’ majesty

 I am a peacemaker, I mend fences,

Build bridges spanning history, space and time

I make my mark in life according to God’s plan for me


I am not you

You are not me

Our differences make us strong

They bind us together making a cord that cannot be broken

 Yes, I am…

 Author: Margaret Warfield


Public Nudity

What are you afraid of? What prevents you from moving forward, from approaching a new venue, trying a different medium… moving outside of your comfort zone?

 After twenty plus years of bringing my art from my mind to, “The Visible world”, I am still afraid. We as Artist when we present our thoughts to the world are in essence, “Standing Naked” for all to see our reality, who we really are, our twisted thought and dreams. As we step out of our safe place, studio, home, where ever to present our craft we often feel a ting of uncertainty. But we must press on facing our uncertainty… boldly.

 The Challenge

Try the thing that you’ve wanted to do for years. If you want to learn to dance, do it. A different medium, go ahead try it. You will experience a sense of relief, accomplishment. This new approach to doing may even result in a different way of seeing your world. After all that is what life is about, seeing in our minds and then presenting our minds eye for the world to see.

 Go ahead… stand naked for the world to see.





Song writers write about it, poets too. Emotions are a part of our being. They, all too often, direct our steps. They are good and bad. Bad when they cause us to “STOP” in fear of the unknown. Good when they inspire us to move forward.

For years I denied the effect of my emotions on my art. I thought I was above the effects of life’s circumstances and the role they played in forming my emotions. Well, not… I have come to the realizations that my state of mind, my emotions, do play a vital part in what I create, the colors that I use and the subject matter. Example: For a period of six months I painted and sculpted images that were seated and often with their heads bowed in contrast to my normal figures that depict dancers clothed in red, purple and aqua, with arms lifted in joy. When I looked back and realized my period of “a humble state of mind”. I asked, “What did this phase of seated bowed heads mean? What was the state of my emotions?” I concluded that I was in a place of reflection, self – examination. Not a bad status, however, not a place to continually reside.

We must not deny our feelings, in our journey. We should embrace our ever changing moods and allow them to guide us in our quest for that next master piece.

Where do your emotions lead you in your process of creating?

The Connect