Food For Thought

And We Danced

And We Danced

When was the last time that you surrounded yourself with like-minded people? You know the group or person who enjoys the activities that ignite you. All too often, because creative people tend to be loners, preferring to spend time alone in their studios, we miss the all-important opportunities to draw upon the energies of our comrades.

I am not suggesting that you Tweet them or Facebook them. No, the physical act of a face to face gathering is what I have in mind. Share a meal, gallery hop, or go to a park, you decide. The activity is not important. It’s all about the re-connect and the sharing of energy.

The Challenge: Make a “play date” with someone who inspires you. On the date, visit a new location, take a walk in the park or…
You decide. Just enjoy the encounter.


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