Now And Then

Let’s start with “Then”. The past usually seems more exciting. It represents the time when all was well, new and the possibilities were endless. Remember, high school, enrolling in college, landing that first job or deciding to go it on your own/ your own business. Things were perfect, “Then”.
I remember my decision, to go for it, start my own business. Wow, I had boundless energy and I thought my head would explode with the influx of creative thoughts. Life was good. The excitement of being my own boss was great. Time passed and I quickly entered the “now”. I am not saying that the, “now” is not good but I find myself in a place that is not filled with the passionate exhilaration of the, “Then”.
I have settled into, the routine of running my business. I realize that I long for those passion filled days of, “Then”.

Recently, I realized that I was being controlled by my routine of doing business and that I must face the “Now.” I decided to face the, “Now”, head on and rekindle the, “Then” passion.

The, “Now”, process began by deciding to build a new website that echoes the new me. The site is filled with newly created images, handmade polymer clay jewelry, prints and note cards. Next, I determined to return to the easel and commit to my passion of painting, daily. Oh the joy. I admit that I love the smell of acrylic paint, its ability to cause me to escape into the world of possibilities. These two steps lead to realizing that I miss the camaraderie of fellow artists. This will be addressed in my next article, Food For Thought.

The challenge: re-discover the things that bring you joy. You already know what that is! Go for it… You will be glad that you did.

Margaret Warfield


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