In The Beginning

Where does the creative process start? Does it begin when you pick up your paint brush, a lump of clay, the initial tap of your feet on a hardwood floor or the swipe of your fingers on the guitar strings?


Do you remember the movie, “The Sixth Sense”? It is about a boy who communicates with spirits that don’t know they are dead. Yes this reference is, a little morbid. My point is, the creative people in our midst have the ability to see; which brings me to another movie, “Avatar”. Remember the line, I see you. The character was not only seeing the physical, but also characteristics that were not visible, using the sixth sense.


So, where does it all begin? I believe, the process begins long before the physical activity. The course of action often swirls though your thoughts for days even years before it tumbles out of you, ending on that blank canvas or in a grand dance routine. Sometimes, the vision attacks during conversations, watching a movie or while you are sleeping. Don’t ignore it. Embrace it. Nurse it. Wait on it. You never know when the beginning will arrive, just know that it will.Image


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