Can’t believe that I chose this title, “True Dat”… Does this mean that I am in a strange place this morning or am I searching for wisdom and truth as it relates to creativity? Maybe both statements apply to my current state of mind.

Wisdom sounds like a good place to start in our search for what is truth in art?

Sounds deep, “TRUE DAT”… Insight is evident in “a great piece of art”. You know it when you see it or create it. How? It stirs you/ the viewer emotionally, takes your breath away and fills you with a sense of awe. I cannot tell you how to generate wisdom in your art. I believe that these wisdom pieces come along seldom. They surface when you least expect them. These grand items do not limit themselves to the visual arts, they can also be found in dance, poetry, cooking and gardening.


Any facet of creation that comes from deep inside of you and taps into your God-given talents produce majestic and awe inspiring conceptions.



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