The quest to discover self is ever present and in danger. The risk occurs when we are not diligent, in our journey, and we allow the borders that people place around us to shape who we are. Your journey to discovering self should be one that encompasses your likes, desires and dreams.

 The poem below expresses my thoughts on the quest for, self. But before you read the poem, ask yourself, “Who am I”?

I Am

I am a dancer                                                             Image

With flowing garments

I move gracefully


 I am a musician

Hear the cadenced beat of the drums

The melody of the horn

The rhythm of the keys


I am a golden yellow sky

Lit by the glow of the sun

Topping majestic mountains

Clothed in the splendor of purple clouds and the noon day sun


I am yellow, red, blue and magenta

Pastel even white

I am a flower


I am an artist, mother, sister, brother and friend

I sculpt shapely vessels, flowing garments

Keys of rhythms

Yellow lit skies

And mountains’ majesty

 I am a peacemaker, I mend fences,

Build bridges spanning history, space and time

I make my mark in life according to God’s plan for me


I am not you

You are not me

Our differences make us strong

They bind us together making a cord that cannot be broken

 Yes, I am…

 Author: Margaret Warfield



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