Public Nudity

What are you afraid of? What prevents you from moving forward, from approaching a new venue, trying a different medium… moving outside of your comfort zone?

 After twenty plus years of bringing my art from my mind to, “The Visible world”, I am still afraid. We as Artist when we present our thoughts to the world are in essence, “Standing Naked” for all to see our reality, who we really are, our twisted thought and dreams. As we step out of our safe place, studio, home, where ever to present our craft we often feel a ting of uncertainty. But we must press on facing our uncertainty… boldly.

 The Challenge

Try the thing that you’ve wanted to do for years. If you want to learn to dance, do it. A different medium, go ahead try it. You will experience a sense of relief, accomplishment. This new approach to doing may even result in a different way of seeing your world. After all that is what life is about, seeing in our minds and then presenting our minds eye for the world to see.

 Go ahead… stand naked for the world to see.





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