Song writers write about it, poets too. Emotions are a part of our being. They, all too often, direct our steps. They are good and bad. Bad when they cause us to “STOP” in fear of the unknown. Good when they inspire us to move forward.

For years I denied the effect of my emotions on my art. I thought I was above the effects of life’s circumstances and the role they played in forming my emotions. Well, not… I have come to the realizations that my state of mind, my emotions, do play a vital part in what I create, the colors that I use and the subject matter. Example: For a period of six months I painted and sculpted images that were seated and often with their heads bowed in contrast to my normal figures that depict dancers clothed in red, purple and aqua, with arms lifted in joy. When I looked back and realized my period of “a humble state of mind”. I asked, “What did this phase of seated bowed heads mean? What was the state of my emotions?” I concluded that I was in a place of reflection, self – examination. Not a bad status, however, not a place to continually reside.

We must not deny our feelings, in our journey. We should embrace our ever changing moods and allow them to guide us in our quest for that next master piece.

Where do your emotions lead you in your process of creating?

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